Question: What is WordPress?
Answer: WordPress is a state-of-the-art and rapidly evolving web publishing platform. Hundreds of individuals around the globe maintain WordPress’ open source code and thousands of talented WordPress plugin developers contribute valuable enhancements to WordPress’ out of the box capabilities. Our goal at Graph Paper Press is for photographers, videographers, designers, and publishers to be able to take advantage of WordPress’ elegance while simultaneously avoiding the hassle of keeping their software up-to-date.

Question: Do your themes work on WordPress.com websites?
Answer: WordPress.com and the software you download from WordPress.org are two entirely different things. You can’t install new themes or plugins on WordPress.com. While some of our themes are available on the WordPress.com platform, you cannot download themes from our site and add them to your WordPress.com site. WordPress.com is brought to you by some of the same folks who work on WordPress, the Open Source blogging software. WordPress.com utilizes the same WordPress software which you can download at WordPress.org. For more info, please see this post.

Question: What are WordPress themes?
Answer: According to WordPress.org, themes are collections of files “that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog.” In layman’s terms, a WordPress theme is what controls the functionality, the look, and the feel of a WordPress website. WordPress themes come in a variety of flavors, from basic, free themes to more complex, premium themes. The key takeaway about WordPress themes any beginner must know is that at any moment a WordPress website’s theme may be changed without adversely affecting the actual content of the website.

Question: What is needed in order to use AZWPThemes.com?
Answer: Before AZWPThemes.com are used, a few things must already be in place: a compatible web hosting provider, a domain name, and a WordPress installation. AZWPThemes.com themes come with the following minimum web hosting provider requirements:

  • WordPress 3.0
  • PHP 5.2 or greater
  • PHP cURL enabled (libcurl/7.16.0 or greater)
  • MySQL 4.0 or greater
  • Apache mod_rewrite module (for Pretty Permalinks)